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In the previous entry, a few of the heraldic societies around the world were discussed briefly. At some point, I hope to have a blog entry for each of them. We’ll see. Today, we’ll look at some of the websites and blogs I tend to visit regularly, if not daily, that may be of interest to others.

I’ll start with the forums.

I highly recommend the forums of the American Heraldry Society, the International Association of Amateur Heralds and of the Heraldry Society of Scotland. All three of these forums have very interesting discussions on all things heraldic. The AHS and the HSS forums are the more active of the three and sometimes the threads become very lively. In any case, the membership is very diverse and have a very broad knowledge that can be easily tapped into by other members.

As far as blogs are concerned, my favorite one is the Spanish language Heraldry Blog, or more accurately, Blog de Heráldica maintained by Maj. José Juan Carrión Rangel. The blogs is updated daily with very interesting and informative content focusing on the heraldry of Spain and Hispanic heraldry.

Another blog I visit regularly is also a Spanish language one with a focus on the heraldry of Chile called Heráldica de Chile run by Walter Gallegos. This blog focuses on Chilean heraldry and history and is of particular interest to me due to my heritage.

The Armorial Blog is another blog of interest I visit on occasion that contains very interesting posts.

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