Some blogs of interest

Along the right hand side of this blog, I have a pretty long list of recommended sites to visit. A section of particular interest is that where I list certain blogs that I highly recommend everyone to take a look at.

  • Blog de Heráldica (in Spanish) Perhaps the best, hands down, blog on heraldry out there – in any language! If there is one blog on heraldry to follow, this is it. Maintained by the Royal Air Force Major José Juan Carrión Rangel.
  • Cheshire Heraldry Web Journal An excellent blog maintained by the highly respected heraldist Martin Goldstraw that has done some amazing work.
  • Derecho Heraldico (in Spanish) For those who are interested in heraldry at a much deeper level and really wants to dig in to the topic, this will really satisfy you. Maintained by the Chilean Carlos Ceda Acevedo.
  • Genealogía Blog (in Spanish) A very highly recommended blog that is dedicated to Hispanic genealogy.
  • Georgian Heraldry (in English and Georgian) A blog maintained by Alexander Mikaberidze with a particular focus on Georgia that also touches upon genealogy. Some very beautiful art displayed here.
  • Hellenic Genealogy Geek A blog maintained by Georgia Keilman nee Stryker (Stratigakos) dedicated for those outside of Greece that need help in finding their Hellenic roots.
  • Heráldica Catalana (in Spanish and Catalan) Dedicated to the Catalonia region of Spain covering not just heraldry but also, genealogy, nobiliary topics, etc. Very well written by Javier de Cruïlles.
  • Heráldica de Chile (in Spanish) The only, to my knowledge, blog dedicated to heraldry in the Republic of Chile and maintained by Walter Gallegos.
  • Heráldica en la Argentina (in Spanish) Like the one above, the only blog to my knowledge dedicated to the heraldry in the Republic of Argentina. Maintained by Alejandro Pomar.
  • Heraldry Online Blog A fascinating blog with some unique findings in heraldry. Maintained by Stephen Plowman.
  • Heraldry: Musings on an esoteric topic A very well written and interesting blog maintained by the well known American heraldist David Appleton.
  • México Heráldico (in Spanish) Like the other blogs with a localized focus, this is the only one that I know of dedicated to the heraldry of the Republic of Mexico. Maintained by Jesús Ávila.
  • Salón del Trono (in Spanish) Truly fascinating blog on chivalric orders with articles on topics that have been rarely published before.
  • The armorial blog Excellent blog on heraldry in general but, particularly great because of the amazing artwork displayed. Maintained by Fredrik Brodin.
  • The Genetic Genealogist A different twist to genealogy. We all typically focus on documentation like certificates or books. This blog, as its subheading says, “adds DNA to the genealogist’s toolbox”.
  • Títulos Nobiliarios (in Spanish) This is a blog of very particular interest to those of us who care about what goes on in Spain. It is maintained by Jose Luis Muño who happens to work with the board that decides on the concessions of titles in the Ministry of Justice. Fascinating read always and excellent links.

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