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As mentioned previously, my mother’s family are the Vergara Edwards of Chile and my maternal grandmother is a direct patrilineal descendent of the founder of the Edwards line in Chile, George Edwards Brown better known as Jorge Edwards Brown. As with the Martínez de Vergara entry, I will focus on the descendents that lead to me however this time, I will list the children in the order they were born unless otherwise noted.

George Edwards was born in Finsbury, London, England on January 2nd, 1780 to John Edwards, a carpenter, and Elizabeth Brown and joined an English privateer ship as the on-board surgeon/medic. He first reached the Chilean coast in 1797 after sailing the South American coastline. In 1803, he joins the crew of the privateer ship Blackhouse that focused on attacking ships and ports under the Spanish crown. It was during the Blackhouse’s raid of the city of La Serena that George Edwards met his future wife, Isabel Ossandón, while sacking her father’s house. The story goes that the two fell in love at first sight and it was that moment that George Edwards decided to leave his privateering life behind and stay with the woman he loved. He deserted his ship and evaded the search from his former crew by hiding for three days in a barrel in the Ossandón house. He only came out of hiding when Spanish reinforcements arrived in the city and repelled the invaders. The Spanish authorities arrested him and sent him to serve a two year prison sentence in Callao. He returned to La Serena in 1805 and coverted to Catholicism, it is in his baptismal papers where we find out about his parents.

George Edwards worked as a surgeon for a couple of years but, quickly became a money lender to the small mining companies that were popping up in the Coquimbo area. This latter profession allowed him to amass a small fortune. His strong anti-Spanish sentiments made him a key figure in the Chilean War of Independence and for his services, the supreme commander Bernardo O’Higgins made him a citizen in 1818. George Edwards later became a member of the National Congress representing various regions.

George Edwards married Isabel Ossandón Iribarren in 1807 with whom he had 8 children: Joaquín Domingo Felipe Benicio Edwards Ossandón, Teresa Gregoria Edwards Ossandón, Juan Bautista Edwards Ossandón, José Santiago Edwards Ossandón, María del Carmen Edwards Ossandón, José Agustín Edwards Ossandón, José María Edwards Ossandón and Jacoba Edwards Ossandón. After Isabel’s death, George remarries in 1834 to Ventura Argandoña Subercaseaux with whom he had no children. He dies on March 4, 1848.

Joaquín Domingo Felipe Benicio Edwards Ossandón was born on August 23, 1808 and was the first born son of the founder of the Edwards line in Chile. He studied in Boston, Massachussetts, USA where he also worked at the company Baker & Hodges. On his return to Chile, he is employed at a bank owned by his uncle Samuel Frost Haviland. He was instrumental in establishing the infrastructure for the mining of the copper fields of Diaguita in La Serena and Lirquén in Concepción. He was mayor of La Serena in 1864 and a representative of the city.

Joaquín marries Margarita Garriga on December 30, 1842 and have twelve children: Joaquín Edwards Garriga, Jorge Edwards Garriga, Margarita Edwards Garriga, Teresa Edwards Garriga, Victoria Edwards Garriga, Matías Edwards Garriga, Luis Edwards Garriga, Elisa Isabel Edwards Garriga, Carlos Fernando Edwards Garriga, Rosa Edwards Garriga, Ana Isabel Edwards Garriga, Guillermo Eugenio Edwards Garriga. He died on November 7, 1869.

Carlos Fernando Edwards Garriga married Javiera Ortúzar Bulnes with whom he had seven children: Javier Edwards Ortúzar, Carmen Edwards Ortúzar, Oriana Edwards Ortúzar, Luz Edwards Ortúzar, Teresa Edwards Ortúzar, Eugenia Edwards Ortúzar, Fernando Edwards Ortúzar.

Javier Edwards Ortúzar married Luisa Hurtado Olea with whom he had four children (in no particular order): Fernando Edwards Hurtado, Eliana Edwards Hurtado, Gabriela Edwards Hurtado and Javier Edwards Hurtado.

Eliana Edwards Hurtado was my grandmother and was born on April 15, 1923 and married my grandfather, Fernando Antonio Vergara Ortúzar, on October 27 1939 with whom she had twelve children. Of those twelve children, my mother is the eldest female. My grandmother died on June 6th, 2001 in Santiago, Chile.

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