Birth of a new heir!

I received word only a few minutes ago that TRH Prince Davit Bagration-Mukhrani and Princes Ana Bagration-Gruzinsky, both heirs in their own right to the throne of Georgia via the Mukhrani and the Gruzinsky lines respectively of the Royal House of Bagration, married now for a few years, are now the proud parents a healthy baby boy!

With the birth of HRH Prince Georgi Bagration Bagrationi yesterday September 27th 2011, all the claims of the various branches of the Royal House of Bagration of Georgia are merged into a single person.

As a Knight of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ, as well as the Rector Coordinator for the United States, I congratulate TRH and wish the best to newborn Prince!


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