Attributed arms of Jesus

As this is the 2008 Christmas post, I decided to make this about the attributed arms of Jesus Christ. Let’s not forget, Christmas is the celebration of Jesus’ birth in Christian faith.

We’ve already discussed attributed arms in a previous post. The oldest attributed arms to the Christ are from the early 13th century and they are all based on the instruments of the Passion. Below are the attributed arms of Jesus from the Hyghalmen Roll created in the 15th century.

COA JesusCOA Jesus

As you can see the crest in the one image is Jesus’ seamless tunic (also used in the arms of the Bagration dynasty).

The arms in the other image are quarterly the five wounds, three jars of ointment, two rods in saltire and the head of Judas Iscariot with the bag of silver around his neck. The banner is quarterly a Jew’s head spitting, three dice (used by the Roman soldiers to gamble for Jesus’ clothes, a hand grasping a lock of hair and Herod’s head. The crest is the pillar of flagellation upon which is St. Peter’s rooster.

Also in the 15th century we find another book from Lorraine that depicts another shield attributed to Jesus azure the Passion. A crown of thorns is used as a crest coronet with a royal helm. The crest is the Lion of Judah.

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