History of Martínez de Vergara line from Spain to Chile to me

As mentioned in an earlier post, the founder of my maternal line in Chile was a D. Juan Martínez de Vergara, born to Juan Martínez de Vergara and Isabel Alonso Márquez in Gibraleón, Huelva some time in the late 16th century. His father was a hidalgo, originally from Guipúzcoa that had moved to the south of the peninsula for some reason. The lists of children mentioned below are not listed in the order in which they were born. When the genealogy part of this site goes up, the data will be in the proper order. In general, my maternal line is from first born son to first born son, except for the case of Mateo de Vergara Silva, who was the second born son.

The younger Martínez de Vergara left for Chile approximately in 1612 to join the Arauco War against the Mapuche indians. He never returned to Spain and established himself in Colchagua, reaching the rank of Maestre de Campo or Field Marshal.

In 1634, he marries Magdalena de Leiva Sepúlveda, heiress to an old and noble family from the Basque country. Together, they have four children, three girls and one boy, who would continue the family name: Juan Martínez de Vergara Leiva Sepúlveda.

The founder of the Vergara clan, dies in Colchagua in 1672 after a long and successful life.

Juan Martínez de Vergara Leiva Sepúlveda was born in Chillan and reached the rank of Maestre de Campo, like his father. He was married twice. His first wife was Josefa Varas Covarrubias and mother of his only son José de Vergara Varas. After the death of his first wife, he remarries on October 22 1670, this time to Ana Gómez Ceballos. He finally passes in 1723 and is buried on January 18, 1723 in San Agustin de Talca.

José de Vergara Varas was born in Santiago and like his father and grandfather, reached the rank of Maestre de Campo. In the National Archives in Santiago is stored the favorable judgement from the Real Audiencia on the nobility of his lineage, dated from 1796. José married Maria Carbonell on February 29, 1716 in Santiago and in 1718, their only child Miguel de Vergara Carbonell was born.

Miguel de Vergara Carbonell also continues in the footsteps of his forebears and becomes a Maestre de Campo. Born in 1718 he marries Antonia de Silva Gaete on April 5 1746. They have 11 children: Mercedes de Vergara Silva, Antonio de Vergara Silva, Ignacio de Vergara Silva, Maria Jesús de Vergara Silva, Manuela de Vergara Silva, Manuel de Vergara Silva, Casimiro de Vergara Silva, Miguel de Vergara Silva, Roque de Vergara Silva, Pedro de Vergara Silva and José de Vergara Silva. Miguel dies on January 11, 1771 and is posthoumusly recognized as a noble in 1788.

Continuing on the line that reaches me, we learn about Mateo de Vergara Silva.

Mateo de Vergara Silva was born and baptized in 1752 in Talca. He marries Lucía de Sepúlveda Toledo on August 1, 1775 and go on to have six children: José Rafael de Vergara Sepúlveda, Dolores de Vergara Sepúlveda, Tomás de Vergara Sepúlveda, Juan Luis de Vergara Sepúlveda, Agustín de Vergara Sepúlveda and Francisco de Vergara Sepúlveda. He became a Maestre de Campo in 1785 and was ennobled in 1788. He was very much involved in the Independence of Chile and was a member of the Junta Superior in 1811. He died in Talca in 1818.

Francisco de Vergara Sepúlveda was born in Talca in 1776 and was a politician in his lifetime. He was admitted into the Convictorio de Nobles de Santiago in 1802 and after Chile’s independence was a member of first National Congress, like his father. He also had a military career where he reached the grade of Colonel. With his wife Rosario Rencoret Cienfuegos, he had 11 children: José Domingo Vergara Rencoret, José Ignacio Vergara Rencoret, Manuel Vergara Rencoret, Rosario Vergara Rencoret, Javier Vergara Rencoret, Nicolás Vergara Rencoret, Ruperto Vergara Rencoret, Carlota Vergara Rencoret, Fermín Vergara Rencoret, Salustio Vergara Rencoret and Francisco Vergara Rencoret.
Carlota Vergara Rencoret married José Nicolás Tocornal Velasco and are the great-grandparents of Luis Alberto Hurtado Cruchaga, canonized as a Saint of the Catholic Church on October 23, 2005.

Francisco Vergara Rencoret was also a politician, representing Talca in the National Congress of Chile. He was also a very wealthy individual in whose name the street Vergara was named in the capital, Santiago. According to Mujica, his mansion was very large, having over seventy rooms and had a very pompous opening event where the President of the new republic, Anibal Pinto was invited. With his wife Albina Vergara Donoso, he had 17 children: Luisa Vergara Vergara, Carolina Vergara Vergara, Rebeca Vergara Vergara, Inés Vergara Vergara, Joaquín Vergara Vergara, Albina Vergara Vergara, Enrique Vergara Vergara, Ruperto Vergara Vergara, Luis Vergara Vergara, Elvira Vergara Vergara, Arturo Vergara Vergara, José Martín Vergara Vergara, Urbano Vergara Vergara, Francisco Antonio Vergara Vergara, Rosario Vergara Vergara, Alberto Vergara Vergara and Emilio Vergara Vergara.

Emilio Vergara Vergara was an attorney, receiving his title on April 28, 1877 in Santiago. He marries Gumercinda Antúnez Cruz and has 7 children: Ana Vergara Antúnez, Albina Vergara Antúnez, Maria Vergara Antúnez, Raúl Vergara Antúnez, Victor Vergara Antúnez, Manuel Vergara Antúnez and Emilio Vergara Antúnez.

Emilio Vergara Antúnez marries Valentina Ortúzar Fornés and have 4 children: Valentina Vergara Ortúzar, Maria Teresa Vergara Ortúzar, Adolfo Martin Vergara Ortúzar, Fernando Antonio Vergara Ortúzar, Enrique Vergara Ortúzar, and Emilio Vergara Ortúzar.

Fernando Antonio Vergara Ortúzar, my grandfather, was born on June 13, 1913 in Santiago. He was a medical doctor who had a very broad practice. Through his familial connections he was able to help the Minister of Health create the rural medical center program of the country. He was known throughout the region in which he lived as a very caring doctor who never refused his services to anyone and especially catered to those in need. On October 27, 1939 he marries Eliana Edwards Hurtado, heiress to another old and noble line, and have 13 children: Juan Emilio Vergara Edwards, Paz Carolina Vergara Edwards, Sebastian Vergara Edwards, Enrique Vergara Edwards, Felipe Vergara Edwards, Daniel Vergara Edwards, Mauricio Vergara Edwards, Patricia Antonia Vergara Edwards, Fernando Vergara Edwards, Francisco Vergara Edwards, Cecilia Vergara Edwards, Marcela Vergara Edwards and Maria Eliana Vergara Edwards.

Maria Eliana Vergara Edwards is my mother and she married Evangelos Andreou in 1975 in New York City.

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    Hey! I don’t speak english very well and I’m not sure if you speak spanish, but I have to say that we are from the same family, I mean… Emilio Vergara Vergara is from my family, then Raúl Vergara Antúnez. His son, Raúl Vergara Correa is my grandfather, his son Raúl Vergara Gomez is my dad and I’m Catalina Vergara. In a few days mi brother, Nicolás, will have a son who will be named Lucas Vergara. THE FAMILY IS GROWING!
    Do you have more information of the rest of the family (the rest of lastnames)? I have just some things but is not too much (only about the parents of María Carbonell and 4 generations of Magdalena de Leiva Sepúlveda) but I’m working on it.

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