Arms of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin

Barbarin cardinal

In a recent email conversation I had with that most excellent heraldic artist Laurent Granier, about whom I had written back on January 29th and whose website is, he brought up the arms of Cardinal Philippe Barbarin of Lyon.


In my post of June 2nd, I had shared some pictures from my latest trip to Rome where I had taken several pictures of some of the coats of arms I had come across. In that post, I shared the following picture taken in front of the Trinità dei Monti.

As you can see, the arms are not the same!

The Cardinal’s arms displayed in Rome are wrong!

Laurent Granier was surprised to discover this as he was the one who designed the arms for Cardinal Barbarin and the ones displayed at the church entrance are those from one of the many sketches the two went over before His Eminence finally chose the one displayed at the beginning of the post.

I must say that I prefer the correct arms as they make the French connection clear.

Hopefully this gets resolved and the right arms make it to the church’s entrance.

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