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Seminar on Decorative Drawing and Illustration

My alma mater, The American College of Greece – Deree College, will be hosting a series of seminars on decorative drawing and illustration on March 21 2012 as part of its School of Continuing & Professional studies. 

Those students who sign up for this series will be very fortunate in that they will have as their instructor the top heraldic artist in Greece Mr. Ioannis Vlazakis, a member of the Society of Heraldic Arts and Board Member of the Heraldic & Genealogical Society of Greece (Εραλδική & Γενεαλογική Εταιρεία Ελλάδας).

The topics covered will be, among others:

  • Illuminated manuscripts
  • Heraldic symbolism
  • Bookplates
  • Vignettes
  • etc.

For whoever is interested in attending, they can contact the college directly at (+30) 210-600-9800 ext. 1207 or ext. 1332

The American College of Greece:

Web site of Mr. Ioannis Vlazakis:


Patriarch Irinej of Serbia awarded Order of the Eagle of Georgia


Today, December 15 2011,  His Holiness the Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci, Serbian Patriarch Irinej was awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia and the Seamless Tunic of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The award was personally given by HRH Prince Davit as Grand Master of the Order.

Congratulations to the Patriarch!

Link to the Order of the Eagle:

Link to the  Patriarchate of Serbia:

His All Holiness, Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch awarded the Grand Collar of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia

 As reported by the Royal House of Georgia, in a ceremony held at the Church of St. George in Constantinople (Istanbul) on October 22, His All Holiness, Bartholomew I, Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch was awarded the Grand Collar of the Order of the Eagle of Georgia by HRH Prince Davit himself.

In attendance were the Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II and His Holiness Serbian Patriarch Irinej

The Order was given with the opportunity of the celebration of the Ecumenical Patriarch’s 20th anniversary of his enthronement and for his lifetime of service to Christianity. It is well deserved indeed.

Ioannis Vlazakis heraldic art exhibition in Vienna, November 2011

de Moffarts International Award for Heraldic Art

The de Moffarts Foundation in coordination with the Belgian Federation for Genealogy and Heraldry has announced the theme for the 2012 contest of this prestigious international award in heraldic art.

For those who are not familiar with the award, this is the international incarnation of the originally triennial award created in 1992 by the Baron André de Moffarts (1925-2004). The award was initially created to promote the heraldic arts in Belgium and was award to Belgian artists.

Later on, the de Moffarts Foundation decided to expand the award to the international arena and the first International Award was given during the 2006 International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences.

The winner of the competition is awarded with a medal (displayed at the top of this post) and a cash prize of €5000. Additionally, the de Moffarts Foundation will sponsor the winning artist to participate in that year’s International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences.

The rules and theme for the 2012 competition is the following (taken from the booklet published by the Foundation):

Candidates have to submit (1) an original work in accordance with the theme specified below, (2) a portfolio containing a representative selection of their heraldic creations and (3) a curriculum vitae. The portfolio will be delivered in electronic format. Submissions have to be made before 1st March 2012. Submissions made after that date will not be accepted.

The late Baron André de Moffarts was a great amateur of books. He designed his own book-plate, which has inspired the medal of the International Award.

Candidates for the 2012 International Award are invited to design an heraldic bookplate for the de Moffarts Foundation. The original work has to be made on a A4-sized paper.

The following coat of arms are to feature (in their entirety, or some of their constituent parts):

Baron de Moffarts: Or, on a fess Argent, fimbriated Sable, four saltires throughout of the same. A baron’s coronet with nine visible pearls placed on the rim. Two helmets respectant Argent, grilled and garnished Or, lined Gules, with mantling Or and Sable.

Crests: dexter: out of a ducal coronet Or, on two wings addorsed Or, a fess as in the shield; sinister: out of a ducal coronet Or, a lion crowned Or, langued Gules, between two elephant’s trunks paly bendy Argent and Azure.

The van Willigen family: Argent, a chevron Gules, in base a hare passant proper on a base Vert. A helmet Argent, grilled and garnished Or, lined Gules, with mantling Argent and Gules. Crest: a pollarded willow tree Vert.


For those interested parties, you can contact:

Fondation de Moffarts – de Moffarts Foundation
Burggrachtstraat 20-21, 3560 Lummen, Belgium
Tel.: + 32 (0) 13 33 80 36 – Fax : + 32 (0) 13 67 44 07