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Official Heraldry in the United States

For those who don’t know, the American Heraldry Society (AHS), under the auspices of its Director of Research Joseph McMillan, has done a tremendous job of researching not only the national arms but also those of the individual states comprising the USA.

The main entry on this topic on the AHS site is split into two categories:

  • The national arms
  • The arms of the states

In the first section, the author delves into some of the more interesting topics regarding the arms of the nation. Perhaps the most interesting sections (to me) are those on the criticisms and on the myths & misconceptions.

The second part is noted as a never ending work in progress as more states are investigated and the findings published. Here, you will find information about the arms of:

The link to the article is:

I also highly recommend reading through the rest of the site as it is a true treasure trove of information. If you live or hail from the USA, I would urge you to sign up for a (free) account on the AHS forum. The discussions there are (usually) very illuminating and moderated to keep the quality high.

Note: Images from the AHS site and Wikipedia