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Attributed coats of arms

We’ve talked about arms of of countries and of individuals. We’ve talked about unique arms and duplicate arms. We’ve even covered how to obtain a new coat of arms. This time we’ll talk about arms that were never used by their supposed owners, usually because heraldry didn’t exist yet when they were alive.

These arms are called attributed arms. Almost all popular personages have been attributed arms, from Jesus to Alexander the Great to the legendary King Arthur, even Satan!

Sometimes, arms were given to kings and heroes of foreign and exotic lands that didn’t themselves have a heraldic tradition.

It appears that these phenomenon first began in literature of the 12th century, coinciding with the general introduction of heraldry in Europe. Over the centuries, these arms even found themselves into rolls of arms compiled in the continent.

Sometimes, new coats of arms were created but used attributed arms in quarterings to support their claim of descent from a legendary figure.

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