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McDuck Coat of Arms

A post on the forum of the American Heraldry Society prompted me to look for the arms of Scrooge McDuck (the cartoon character created by Carl Barks and made famous by the Walt Disney Company).

Having been a fan of the particular grumpy (and rich) Duck, I was very much familiar with his story and personality but it never occurred to me that he might be armigerous. In retrospect, it makes sense that he is.

After a search online, I came across a fascinating website dedicated to the (fictional) Clan McDuck and maintained by the Norwegian Sigvald Grøsfjeld jr.. There, I found an entire write-up on the arms of McDuck, different variations and the story behind them. What I found to be most interesting were the quotes from the artists that created the arms for the comic books expressing their thoughts and reasoning for picking the charges and tinctures that they did.

Honestly, the arms aren’t the prettiest in the world and I’m not crazy about the tincture selection as there isn’t enough contrast between the tawny field and the gules of the bend and canton.

However, they are the arms of McDuck, one of the most ancient Scottish clans and I should respect that!

The website is particularly entertaining and a real treat for all the fans of the feathered miser, who also happens to be the “Richest Duck in the World”.

The link to the heraldry page is:

The link to the main Clan McDuck site is:


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