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Trust but verify

Many genealogists, both professional and amateur alike, tend to depend on publications to perform their research. There is nothing wrong with this and many times it is the only way to find any information on a particular family or person(s).

I am fortunate enough that half my family has had many genealogical studies made on them over the years by various serious and well respected genealogists, published in peer reviewed journals. Most of my genealogical research has been based on the works of others before me (apropos for genealogy I think) and it’s perfectly fine.

However, since these books are publishing second or third hand information and to “err is human” one should keep President Ronald Reagan in mind by always thinking “trust but verify“.

Case in point a recent discovery of mine in my Chilean genealogy.

According to all sources I could get my hand on, my great-great-grandmother Javiera Ortúzar Bulnes, who married Fernando Edwards Garriga, was the daughter of Ángel Ortúzar Montt and Elena Bulnes Pinto. I was happy with this information and confident it was correct. I mean, it was published in the official, peer reviewed journal of one of the most respected genealogical societies of the world: the Instituto Chileno de Investigaciones Genealógicas (ICHIG).

With President Reagan’s saying in mind, I’ve been collecting copies from the original sources by working with official government authorities or ecclesiastical sources.

In one of these documents I got my surprise: My great-great-grandmother was the daughter of Adolfo Ortúzar Gandarillas and Carmela Bulnes Pinto. Oddly enough, Adolfo was the half brother of Ángel and Carmela the full sister of Elena!

So, what does this mean? First of all, you can never trust the books 100%, though they may just be the best alternative, but always try to get original primary sources. Secondly, a big chunk of my family tree is not really mine!

This second part is the one that really hurts – it means that several generations of people from my tree belong to someone else! The time spent on that part of the tree will never come back… oh well… lesson learned and one to share with everyone doing any genealogical research.

Genealogical discoveries – Order of Alcántara

Cross_AlcantaraCross of Alcántara

Over the past 2+ years I have been doing a lot of genealogical research. Though I took a sabbatical for a few months, I restarted me research and have spent hours upon hours on it.

Most of the time, I’ve spent it researching my mother’s side of the family as that part is very well documented while, on the other hand, the Greek side is not at all. Some day I may get lucky though…

In my latest foray into the murky past of my family, I made a very interesting discovery. I am a descendant of Ruy Vásquez (de Quiroga) also known as Rodrigo Vázquez who was the Grand Master of the Order of Alcántara from 1312-1318.

The Order of Alcántara was created in the during the Reconquista in the Kingdom of León and originally it’s knights were exclusively from the region of Extremadura. It was one of the various Military Orders created at the time to fight against the Muslim Moors of the south of the Iberian peninsula. For a while during it’s early years it was part of the Order of Calatrava, in around 1218 it broke away and became known as the Order of San Julián de Pereiro with the approval of Alfonso IX of León and based in the city of Alcántara. It wasn’t until later that century (about 1253) that the Grand Masters of the Order started calling themselves the “Grand Masters of Alcántara”.

The descent is through Milla Vásquez de Quiroga, the daughter of Ruy Vásquez de Quiroga and his wife Teresa Gómez de Losada

  1. Milla Vásquez de Quiroga m. Gonzalo Rodríguez de Valcarcé
  2. García Rodríguez de Quiroga (Valcarcé) m. Marí Álvarez de Losada
  3. Juan de Losada m. Violante de Ribadeneira Pardo
    (interestingly enough, his brother Rodrigo de Quiroga was a commander of the Order of Santiago)
  4. Rodrigo de Quiroga m. Inés de Escobar
    (this Rodrigo de Quiroga is not to be confused with his paternal 2nd degree cousin Rodrigo de Quiroga, Royal Governor of Chile)
  5. Juan de Losada m. Constanza de Villasur
  6. Bernardino de Quiroga (y Villasur de Balboa) m. Juana de Miranda (y Rueda)
  7. Constanza Quiroga m. Antonio Chacón (y Sánchez de Morales)
  8. Luisa Chacón y Quiroga m. Martín Hurtado de Mendoza
  9. Leonor Hurtado de Mendoza m. Francisco Riveros Figueroa
  10. Josefa de Riveros (y Hurtado de Mendoza) m. Rodrigo de Aránguiz (y Alvarado)
  11. Catalina de Aránguiz (y Riveros) m. Juan Madrazo de Santelices
  12. María Mercedes Santelices Aránguiz m. Manuel José de Vial Xarabeitía
  13. María del Carmen Vial m. José María Prieto Sotomayor
  14. María del Carmen Prieto Vial m. Manuel José Bulnes Quevedo
  15. Manuel Bulnes Prieto m. Enriqueta Pinto Garmendia
  16. Elena Bulnes Pinto m. Ángel Ortúzar Montt
  17. Javiera Ortúzar Bulnes m. Carlos Fernando Edwards Garriga
  18. Javier Edwards Ortúzar m. Luisa Hurtado (de Mendoza) Olea
  19. Eliana Edwards Hurtado m. Fernando Antonio (Martínez de) Vergara Ortúzar
  20. Maria Eliana Vergara Edwards m. Evangelos Kimon Andreou
  21. Kimon Andreou (that’s yours truly)

How’s that for a blast from the past?

Now, what does this mean? Nothing more than just interesting information and that I can trace my ancestry all the way to the late 13th century.


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