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Online repository of complete editions of the Revista Hidalguia

revista hidalguia

I have just come to find out that one of the most important publications on Spanish heraldry and genealogy has had its entire series posted online for download, for FREE!

This journal, published by the Real Asociación de Hidalgos a fuero de España, started in 1953 and continues to be in print, compiling some of the most important information on the topics of our interest for Spain and the Spanish world. Some of the older issues contain information that is absolutely critical to whomever is doing genealogical research on Spanish ancestry.

One can subscribe to the journal to receive the hardcopy or receive a PDF via email for a nominal fee. I had been a subscriber for years first for the hardcopy and later for the digital edition. 

In any case, the link to the complete series online is



In my attempts to find more information on the family of the Martínez de Vergara line in Spain, prior to Juan’s move to Chile, I ran across an article written by a genealogist named Angel Custodio Rebollo Barroso of Huelva, Spain.

I contacted him and he immediately offered his assistance to find more information about my ancestor. Over the course of several email messages between us, I asked him for recommendations on relevant societies in Spain that I may join. He suggested I join the same society he is a member of: Asociación de Genealogía Hispana (or Hispagen).

I had heard of this organization before while doing my research on the Martínez de Vergara line but had not gone forward with looking into joining them. To be honest, I wasn’t interested in joining any societies at the time.

This time, things were different. I went ahead and filled out the online application form and thought that it would take a couple of days before I get approved. Though it did take a couple of days for it to be processed, it was not a blind approval. I had a number of email exchanges with a representative of the association’s board where I had to expound upon my reasons for joining, my intended areas of research and also attach a photograph.

I was excited to find out that I was eventually approved to join and added to the mailing lists. In the email announcing my admission to the general membership, I was asked to introduce myself. At first I didn’t feel like doing so but then, I thought of being on the other side and wanting to know who this “new guy” is.

In my introduction email, I spoke about myself and my hispanic ancestry. I also spoke about the difficulties in finding information on the Martínez de Vergara family prior to the mid 1500’s. I share some other information I had about what I had already found and in general expounded upon my interests in the field of genealogy and specifically in hispanic genealogy.

I was amazed with the response I received from the membership. Within 24 hours I had several email messages with pointers to where to look for the information I have been looking for and also on other lineages that I haven’t yet researched in depth.

I highly recommend Hispagen and publicly thank the members there and especially Mr Angel Custodio Rebollo Barroso.