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Seminar on Decorative Drawing and Illustration

My alma mater, The American College of Greece – Deree College, will be hosting a series of seminars on decorative drawing and illustration on March 21 2012 as part of its School of Continuing & Professional studies. 

Those students who sign up for this series will be very fortunate in that they will have as their instructor the top heraldic artist in Greece Mr. Ioannis Vlazakis, a member of the Society of Heraldic Arts and Board Member of the Heraldic & Genealogical Society of Greece (Εραλδική & Γενεαλογική Εταιρεία Ελλάδας).

The topics covered will be, among others:

  • Illuminated manuscripts
  • Heraldic symbolism
  • Bookplates
  • Vignettes
  • etc.

For whoever is interested in attending, they can contact the college directly at (+30) 210-600-9800 ext. 1207 or ext. 1332

The American College of Greece:

Web site of Mr. Ioannis Vlazakis:


Ioannis Vlazakis heraldic art exhibition in Vienna, November 2011

Armorial of Corfu

A new book titled “Armorial of Corfu” or “Κερκυραΐων Οικόσημα” has been recently published and is the culmination of over 20 years of research by the noted historian John S. Pieris (Γιάννης Σ. Πιέρης).

In this book, Pieris covers the society of the island of Corfu from the 15th to the 18th century, the leading families and personalities of the time. A true masterpiece of historical and heraldic research, this book is absolutely going to be a fundamental book in any heraldic or genealogical researcher’s library. Especially in that of anyone focusing on Greece or Italy.

In its 224 pages you will find 115 emblazons of the arms of the most important families of the island over the period and masterfully done by the the leading Greek heraldic artist Ioannis Vlazakis.

The families covered are:

Αβράμης, Αλαμάνος, Αληπούτζας, Αλταβίλλας, Αρκούδης, Αρλιώτης, Αρταβάνης, Ασημόπουλος, Αυλωνίτης, Βαρούχας, Βέγιας, Βενιέρης, Βερβιτσιώτης, Βλασόπουλος, Βονδιλάγκης, Βούλγαρις, Βραχλιώτη-Μπότης, Γαλιέλους, Γερομεριάτης, Γεροπέτρης, Γιαλλινάς, Γκαγκάδης, Γονέμης, Γράψας, Γρίτης, Δαμύλλος, Δάνδολος, Δαράτσος, Δελλαδέτσιμας, Δετζώρτζης, Διγότης, Δόντης, Δούσμανης, Δώριας, Έπαρχος, Ζάκκος, Θεοτόκης, Θεοτόκης-Ανδρουτσέλης, Ιγγλέσης, Ιουστινιάνης, Καβάσιλας, Καλλέργης, Καλογεράς, Καμάλης, Κανάλ, Καπάδοχας, Καπέλλος, Καποδίστριας, Καραβέλλας, Καριόφυλλος, Καρτάνος, Κατσαΐτης, Κιγάλας, Κοκκίνης, Κολλητάς, Λάνδος, Λάντζας, Λεπενιώτης, Λευκόκοιλος, Λισγαράς, Λουκάνης, Λουπινάς, Μαζαράκης, Μαρκοράς, Μάρμορας, Μάστρακας, Ματσολένης, Μιδέης, Μίνιος, Μόσχος, Μοτσάνεγας, Μουστοξύδης, Μπάκος, Μπαλιαρής, Μπαρμπάτης, Μπασάν, Μπελάντας, Μπενεβίτης, Μπούας, Παδοβά, Παλατιανός, Παλατσουόλ-Σκορδίλης, Παλλαδάς, Παπαδάτος, Παπαδόπολης, Πετρετής, Πιέρης, Πολίτης, Πολυλάς, Προσαλέντης, Ρεγγίνης, Ρεφελέτης, Ριζικάρης, Ρίκκης, Ροδίτης, Ροδόσταμος, Σαραντάρης, Σαχλίκης, Σκιαδάς, Σορδίνας, Σοφιανός, Σπάθας, Σπανόπουλος, Στεφανόπουλος, Τουρλινός, Τραντάφυλλος, Τριβώλης, Τροΐλος, Φέστας, Φίλιος, Φιομάχος, Φλαμπουριάρης, Φλώρος, Φόρτιος, Χαλικιόπουλος.

The ISBN for the book is 978-960-99084-4-3 and is published by Alkinoos Publications (Εκδόσεις Αλκίνοος).


Magni Magistri


That most excellent Greek heraldic artist, John P. Vlazakis, whom I have mentioned in the past here and here, has another heraldic art exhibition on September 25 in Rhodes, Greece.

As you may have guessed, the title of the exhibition is “Magni Magistri” and the topic is, of course, the Grand Masters. Being in Rhodes, it’s about the Grand Masters of Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta.

In the long history of the Order, there have been many Grand Masters. Vlazakis, in this event, has focused on the period 1305 through 1522 and has emblazoned the arms of all the Grand Masters of that served during that time.


But, you might ask, why just those two centuries when the Order was established in 1099 by the celebrated Blessed Gerard and it is still in existence today?

The answer is simple, when you look at its long history and location. It was in 1305 that Foulques de Villaret became Grand Master of the Order, succeeding his uncle Guillaume de Villaret. It was Foulques that conquered Rhodes in 1308-1309 and moved the Order’s headquarters to the island.

In the same vein, it was Philippe Villiers de L’Isle-Adam (Grand Master 1521-1534) that lost the island of Rhodes to the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in 1522. The nitpickers amongst you may say that it was actually 1523 that the capitulation occured (in Crete, by the way) but, my answer would be that it was January 1, 1523 so Vlazakis’ date is still correct!

As a side note, Villiers de L’Isle-Adam was the first Grand Master to rule over the Order based in Malta.


Back to the exhibition however.

The exhibit will open on September 25 and will run through October 23, under the auspices of the Rhodes Museum of Modern Greek Art and the Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece, at the “D’Amboise” gate of the old city. In addition to the coats of arms of all the Grand Masters of the period, Vlazakis will also exhibit miniatures and illuminated manuscripts, all inspired by the Middle Ages.

If you happen to be in Rhodes at the time, it will be well worth your while to pay it a visit.


Note: The images accompanying this post are from the exhibit.

“Tracing the Middle Ages”

Vlazakis art 01

This is the title of the exhibition (in Greek: Ιχνηλατώντας το Μεσαίωνα) by the Greek artist Ioannis Vlazakis that will be held from February 23rd through February 27th, 2009. Vlazakis was previously mentioned in the heraldic artists post of December 4, 2008.

Vlazakis art 02

The event, hosted by the Organization of Syrans (as in “from the Greek island of Syros”) (Σύνδεσμος Συριανών), and will exhibit over 35 example of Vlazakis’ work in illuminated manuscripts, heraldic achievements and ex libris. Part of the work to be presented was previously exhibited at the 2008 Rhodes Medieval Festival which is hosted in the old, crusader city of Rhodes on the island of the same name.

Vlazakis art 03

What is most exciting about this exhibition is that this appears to be the very first exhibition focusing on heraldry ever hosted in Greece. Inquiries were made to the Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece requesting information about similar past exhibitions and none were reported back.

Vlazakis art 04

With the support of the Heraldic and Genealogical Society of Greece, whose chairman will speak on the third day of the event. However, the speaker who will open the exhibition will be Tony Breidel-Hadjidemetriou, Baron Breidel, chairman of the Cyprus Center of Medievalism and Heraldry. At the inaugural event, the musical accompaniment will be led by the musician Kostas Chronopoulos.

Vlazakis invitation - tracing the middle ages
invitation to the event

Vlazakis’ website is