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Some lucky charms arms

Back in January, I had written about “lucky charms” heraldry and had dreamt up an shield that had everything but the kitchen sink in it.

However, I was told that it wasn’t lucky charmish enough.

I had let it go until a few days ago when I came across some truly inspired (in a LCD laced, psychedelic way) arms.


First off, we have the shield above from the City of Gloucester. According to the article on the City’s website talking about their “civic heritage”, there is a very interesting story talking about how the City obtained two grants of arms. The first was during the reign of King Henry VIII Tudor in 1538 and the second during the period of the Commonwealth in 1654. Oddly enough, the “unusual” arms above were granted by the Garter King of Arms of the Tudor period.


Fortunately, under the Commonwealth, Gloucester got another grant with the arms above and after the restoration of the monarchy, insisted on keeping the newer arms rather than the interesting Tudor shield.

I apologize for the small sized images used above but, those were the largest I could find and, honestly, didn’t have the time to create new ones from scratch.


Then we have the arms of the County of Banff or Banffshire (seen above) that, shall we say, provoke a reaction on the viewer’s side.