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Order of Makarios III

The premier Order of Merit of the Republic of Cyprus is the Order of Makarios III.

About a year ago, I had written about another Cypriot Order related to His Beatitude the Archbishop Makarios III of Cyprus and President of the Republic. The Order presented today is not related to that one in any way.

The Order of Makarios III is named after the first President of the Republic and national hero of Cyprus and is granted to those worthy individuals who have made significant contributions to society in general or to Cyprus in particular.

The Grand Master of the Order is the President of the Republic of Cyprus who grants this Order in one of six classes:

  • Grand Collar
  • Grand Cross
  • Grand Commander
  • Commander
  • Officer
  • Knight

The image (found on the Cypriot government site) at the top of this post is the medal of a Knight of the Order.

Some notable recipients of the Order:

  • Dr. Vassilios Skouris, President of the Court of Justice of the European Communities, Grand Cross, 2006
  • Dr. Barry R. Bloom, Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, Grand Cross, 2007
  • Mr. Paul Sarbanes, US Senator (D-Maryland), Grand Cross, 2007
  • Dr. John Brademas, US Congressman (D-Indiana), Grand Cross, 2007
  • Dr. Ernest J. Moniz, MIT Professor of Physics, Grand Cross, 2008
  • Mr. Ivan Gašparovič, President of the Republic of Slovakia, Grand Collar
  • General Michel Sleiman, President of the Republic of Lebanon, Grand Collar 2010

The official page on the site of the Presidency of Cyprus is: