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New Garter King of Arms in 2010

COA Garter King of ArmsArms of the Garter Principle King of Arms
Argent St George’s Cross upon a chief Gules a coronet or open crown within the Garter of the order between a Lion of England and a Fleur de lis Or

I just found out that a new Garter Principle King of Arms will be introduced next year in 2010 to replace the current one, Peter Llewellyn Gwynn-Jones.

COA Gwynn-Jones

Arms of Peter Gwynn-Jones:
Argent goutté Gules a fret engrailed and molined at the mascle point Azure

Peter Gwynn-Jones has had a long and distinguished service at the College of Arms, first joining in 1970 as an assistant to the then Garter, Sir Anthony Richard Wagner. Gwynn-Jones became Garter King of Arms in 1995.

COA_Norroy_Ulster_King_of_ArmsArms of the Norroy & Ulster King of Arms
Quarterly Argent and Or a Cross Gules on a Chief per pale Azure and Gules a Lion passant guardant Or crowned with an open Crown between a Fleur-de-lis and a Harp Or

The person that will be replacing Gwynn-Jones is the current Norroy & Ulster King of Arms, Thomas Woodcock.

COA Woodcock

Arms of Thomas Woodcock:
Or on a bend cotised Gules three cross crosslets fitchy of the field

Woodcock joined the College of Arms in 1975 as an assistant to Sir Athony, like Gwynn-Jones. By 1978, he rose to Rouge Croix Pursuivant, and in 1982 he became Somerset Herald. It was only in 1997 that Woodcock rose to current position of Norroy & Ulster King of Arms.

It is still not known when the transition will occur

(Note: Some images from Wikipedia)