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Arms of the Royal House of House of Karađorđević

The arms above are a new emblazonment of the arms of the Royal House of Karađorđević (Karageorgevich) as created by Royal Heraldic Artist Ljubodrag Gurjich.

Below is the text on the work coming from the artist himself:

Performing my duties as the heraldic artist to the Royal House of Karadjordjevic I worked on the new emblazonment of the house coat of arms of the House of Karadjeordjevic during December 2011 and January 2012. The Herald of the House, Mr Dragomir Acovic, graciously gave me initial advice and his detailed reconstruction study of the Order of Saint Prince Lazar done in 1982, and then granted me full autonomy in execution of this work. The emblazonment was approved by the Head of the House, HRH Aleksandar II by the end of January, and was officially used for the first time on 14th February 2012.

This heraldic composition was first used in Serbdom in 1917 and the same blazon version was reconstituted in post-Yugoslav period.

As it is well known, Crown Prince Alexander is the current head of the dynasty and pretender to the Serbian throne.

Official website of the Royal House of Serbia:

Official website of Royal Heraldic Artist Ljubodrag Grujich:



Ljubodrag Grujic


Professor Grujic, as he is a professor of literature, has been practicing his art since 2000 and has been very active in Serbian heraldic circles and abroad. He is very much involved in trying to popularize heraldry in his native country, a very difficult task for anyone in any country of the world.

Pylian kimon 3d

Grujic is an outstanding digital heraldic artist based out of Serbia with an exquisite eye for detail and a rare talent overall. These talents have been widely recognized and has been appointed Heraldic Artist to The Board for Heraldic & Genealogical Studies at The Centre for Research of Orthodox Monarchism (CROM), as Heraldic Artist to the Royal House of Bagration-Muhranski of Georgia and also to the editorial staff of the journal “Ocilo” of the Society “Milos Obilic”. Also, he was most recently elected to the position of Corresponding Member of the Serbian Heraldic Society “White Eagle”, a most prestigious heraldic organization.

I will not go over his biography here, as he has it very well presented on his personal website, however I will present some of his art in the form of what he’s done for me. Kimon Andreou Badge
In his excellent gallery on his website, one notices not just heraldry but also something that is closely related to this art: personal signums or cyphers. He has a deep appreciation for these personal elements and is immensely creative when designing new ones for clients.

mngrm kimon5h

Grujic also has a great passion for “Full Heraldic Achievements” as he calls them. Emblazons that include the shield, crest, a standard, any badges, any supporters and components that add more life to the design. There are many cases where the heraldic standard is being held by a supporter but, this is not be confused with supporters in the traditional sense.

Kimon Andreou Ex Libris
As mentioned above, I had the good fortune to commission Prof. Grujic to work on a new heraldic badge and cypher for me and he did outstanding work. I am well aware that my arms are not the easiest to emblazon and combining elements of my heritage, both Greek and Chilean was tough. Another difficulty with my arms is the eradicated oak tree, a charge that at first glance seems simple but doing it right requires lots of patience and even more skill. The results were so great, the commission was extended to creating an ex libris and other art.

kimon condor holding banner

Throughout this post, I have used the images created for me by this most excellent heraldic artist that can also be found in his gallery. These images convey much more than anyone, no matter how eloquent, can say about this extremely talented artist.

Prof. Ljubodrag Grujic’s website is at:

Center for Research of Orthodox Monarchism – Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies



On June 3, 2001, a new branch of the Center for Research of Orthodox Monarchism (CROM) was established: the Board for Heraldic and Genealogical Studies (BHGS).

As the name implies, the CROM dedicates itself to the research of any topics that pertain to the monarchies of those countries that espouse the Orthodox Christian faith. By extension, topics related to the families of the former or current nobility, royalty of the Orthodox faith are also covered by its charter. The Center also has a close relationship with ecclesiasts of of the various Orthodox churches of the world.


COA Jovanovich (full)Arms of the Rev. Fr. Deacon Nenad Jovanovich

Furthermore, the CROM (and naturally the BHGS) has operated since November of 2005 under the High Patronage of HRH Prince Aleksandar Pavlov Karageorgevich of Yugoslavia. The BHGS currently being led by the Reverend Father Deacon Nenand M. Jovanovich, an Orthodox clergyman with extensive heraldic knowledge and a passion for his work.

COA KarađorđevićArms of HRH Prince Aleksander Pavlov Karađorđević

The CROM over the years has had the opportunity to design and/or emblazon the arms of many distinguished personages such as the Royal House of Karađorđević of Serbia, the Royal House of Bagration-Muchraneli of Georgia, the Royal House of Braganza of Portugal, etc.


COA marital Bagration

Marital arms of Bagration-Mukhrani and Bagration-Gruzinsky

The Board was most recently asked to create the marital arms for the wedding of Prince David Bagration-Mukhrani with Princess Anna Bagration-Gruzinsky, that will result in uniting the two principle claimant lines to the throne of Georgia. These marital arms are displayed above.

Specifically though, the charter of the BHGS states the following:

  • The popularization of heraldry in the Orthodox countries.
  • To create new or enhance existing relationships with other similar organizations worldwide. An emphasis, of course, given to those extant organizations in the countries of interest. Also, to assist those few individuals in those countries who have a passion or knowledge in the subject matter to promote the topic.
  • To organize and participate in related congresses, conventions, lectures, panels, etc. where heraldic and genealogical topics are presented. Presentations of subjects that are well researched and contribute to furthering the body of knowledge.
  • To publish research findings and to appear in the media (printed, audio, visual or electronic). The objective, of course, to make the subjects of genealogy and heraldry more approachable to general population. Most people either aren’t aware of the art and science behind these areas or have an incorrect notion of what is involved. Through media exposure, it is hoped that more people will come to know what is genealogy and heraldry, and perhaps take a personal interest.
  • Publication of a periodical in print and electronically where various topics researched are presented. Additionally, emblazonments of the armorial achievements of various armigerous persons or familes, such as royal dynasties or historical nobility.
  • In addition to the periodical, the creation and maintenance of a website to have an online presence is sought to enhance the communication with the general public.
  • An emphasis is also put on keeping up to date in the technological arena so as to make sure that the message is always delivered without hindrance.
  • The Board is to also give its attention to the education of those who are interested in the disciplines of genealogy and heraldy. Through the education efforts it is expected to set the foundations for the next generations of experts in the field.
  • Finally, the study, rendition, design and certification of existing or new ecclesiastical, civic, corporate and personal arms and symbols are to be central.

Naturally, all of the above can only be achieved by making sure that experts and talented artists are brought together to make sure that the outcome is of the highest quality.

COA Ecclesiastical CROM

The Right Reverend Protopresbyter Father Srboljub M. Miletich

The associates of the CROM-BHGS are highly talented and very much devoted to the cause of genealogy and heraldry. The artists, especially, are at a level that very few world-wide can even come close to in talent and attention to detail.

COA HRH Duke Dom Duarte Pio of BraganzaArms of HRH Duke Dom Duarte Pio of Braganza

The art shown in this post are from the heraldic gallery of the CROM-BHGS located (in English) at

The website is predominantly in Serbian with certain areas in English and Russian. It is located at while the direct link to the BHGS section is at