Controversial arms

I have begun writing a series of posts on heraldry focusing on what may is considered controversial in one way or another.

We all know that heraldry started sometime during the Middle Ages, possibly around the 12th century and thus it predates all of the modern sensitivities. Sensitivities developed because of events that occurred over the centuries or because our society has changed and what was normal and accepted before, today is considered wrong, deplorable and even criminal.

Much of the heraldry of the world was created before any of these norms developed and therefore many would be considered controversial today and very few, if any, prospective armigers of today would adopt such arms.

The reason behind this series is to explore areas of heraldry that are considered to be taboo today but weren’t always. Let’s not forget that some of these arms are still used today by towns, regions, countries and families while some may have modified them to appease these modern mores.

So far in this series of posts, I have covered the following topics:

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